Know-how and services

Our know-how covers different fields of industry in a diverse way all the way from process, food, power plant and industrial laundry sectors to environmental technology. We have accumulated solid project expertise alongside our long experience and the ability to turn plans into a functioning end result. In addition, we have an extensive local co-operative network to support us, which allows us to offer an even more broad-ranging service. With certified expertise and careful testing, we ensure an excellent end result for our production.

We provide you with flexible and high-quality service in realizing projects in different areas of expertise.

The work we carry out includes:

• Pipework installations for industry
• Machine and device installations for industry
• Manufacturing of tanks, as well as welding and sheet metal jobs
• HWAE jobs for industry

In addition, we provide:

• Contract manufacturing for industry for the customers’ needs
• Assembly work on machinery and equipment as a whole or in part, for example groups of pumps and valve sets
• Deployment of installed systems (including inspections, proof tests, trial uses and the training of your workforce)
• Project, preliminary and execution planning and design of different kinds of process systems
• Systems relating to environmental technology* (gas and water handling systems)

*In this context, environmental technology means technical methods of execution and procedures with which the impact of some particular operation on the environment is reduced.

Our equipment:

• Welding machines: MIG/MAG, TIG, stick, orbital welding system
• Sheet cutter: HACO HSLX 3006 MOT, L=3050 mm, s max=6 mm
• Bridge crane: KCI 2 x 3,2 MT / 10 MT, H=4850mm, span approx. 25 m
• Air-cushion transporter: Solving 6 x 3000kg
• Press brake: Durma HAP30160 L=3050 mm, 160 MT
• CNC band saw: MEBA Eco 335 DGA
• Pipe and plate roll bending machines and a bench drill
• PU-foam insulation machine Graco
• Plastic welding equipment
• Telehandler with jib and winch
• Forklifts
• Truck with telescopic crane

Certified know-how

Our quality control (in accordance with ISO 3834-2:2005) ensures the high quality of the welding work. All our welders are qualified in accordance with the standard EN-287-1 and we are also a class A gas installation company, as well as a class A gas heating equipment installation and maintenance company, as approved by TUKES (the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency).

Trial use and testing

The 50 square-meter trial use and testing area constructed for the needs of contract manufacturing is separated from the production areas by folding doors. In the area, there is separate air-conditioning, water softener, compressed air and natural gas connections and a drainage equalization system. The fuse size of the electrical connection (3×124 A) makes the use of even large test loads possible. The area also enables the tightness tests and proof tests of pipework to be carried out with ease.