People, our most important resource

Skilled employees make up the most important resource in our company, because first-class results cannot be achieved even with the best of machines without the control and guidance by a capable person. At our company, a youthful and motivated workforce is behind the quality – they are people who want to keep up with developments in the field, get excited by new things and have an uncompromising sense of professional pride. These features guarantee that mediocre results are never created. All our workers have the Hot Work and Occupational Safety Cards granted by SPEK, the Finnish National Rescue Association.

Investing in our employees is a natural part of our company culture, because we want to continuously develop the professional expertise of our workforce. In this way, we ensure that we stay on the crest of a wave as devices, tools and practices develop. We also have a favorable attitude towards apprenticeship training, which is a good route to developing personal professional skills.

Doing without getting stuck on formulaic practices

The atmosphere in our work community encourages people to put forward their own ideas and open-mindedly try out different models of operation instead of following the old practices in a routine manner. When a good improvement suggestion is found, it is rapidly made a part of practical operations. In our company, development and improvement are related to both the products and their technical solutions as well as the production process with its different working methods, not forgetting occupational safety, of course.

If you are interested in working at our company, do not hesitate to approach us with an open application.